Case partners with Digital Asset Holdings on Blockchain security issuance

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Digital Asset Holdings, the distributed ledger software provider, on their first digital security issuance.

“Case technology has played an important role in helping Digital Asset successfully complete its first digital securities issuance on behalf of our client, providing the vital security needed for such transactions,” said Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset.

Global interactive gaming platform Pivit has issued a portion of its latest $5 million funding round using distributed ledger technology provided by Digital Asset Holdings. Case is used to ensure that these digitally-issued securities always remain under the control of Pivit and its investors.

“Bitcoin and other distributed ledger technologies facilitate the transfer of digital financial assets within cryptographically secured, immutable environments,” said Melanie Shapiro, CEO of Case. “Case acts as a secure signing device that streamlines this process without increasing the risk of compromising sensitive data.”

The combination of highly efficient distributed ledger technology and highly secure key management technology will create a network of direct and immediate transaction channels between participants in order to streamline settlement, eliminate risk, and reduce dependence on third parties.

The full press release issued by Digital Asset Holdings and Pivit can be found here.

Case partners with Digital Asset Holdings on Blockchain security issuance