Your top questions answered

We’ve been collecting your questions and have addressed the top four in the video below. We thought it would be a great idea to film a quick video to answer your questions, so that you can start getting to know us. We had a great time filming the video, and for evidence of this you can check out our outtakes video.

We address the following four questions:

1. Will Case work overseas with an iPhone ? Assuming phone has no wifi or local data. (starting at 00:25)

2. What protection is there against a thief extracting the seed from the device? Can the device be opened, JTAG attacked, etc? (starting at 01:04)

3. What happens if I lose the device? (starting at 01:52)

4. How is the biometric data kept secure? (starting at 02:40)

We’ll likely be doing more of these, so please continue to send your questions. You can reach us at

Your top questions answered